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September 12, 2012
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Shireen Baratheon by Amok by Xtreme1992 Shireen Baratheon by Amok by Xtreme1992
Princess Shireen Baratheon from "A Song of Ice and Fire".


Title: Princess
Allegiance : House Baratheon of Dragonstone
Born: In 289AL,

The portrait is made by Roman Papsuev also known as "Amok".
He generously allowed me to upload his awesome portraits here and represent him on deviantART (the statement of permission is attached).
You can find more portraits of him in my gallery --> [link]

Shireen Baratheon & "A Song of Ice and Fire" George R. R. Martin
The portrait Roman Papsuev alias "Amok" [link]
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I love the way your friend takes them directly from the book!
Xtreme1992 Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this way its more like GRRM imagined them... ;)
yep, and i am really liking them that way, it's not like i don't like them in the show which i do it's just cool to see them differently
Xtreme1992 Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i like the actors and actresses in the show too but there where some characters described totally different in the books... (or did i just imagine them differently? :XD:)
hm, i thought arya stark would look really different but sansa is perfect! Also i like how they aged everyone up because if they didn't that would have been sooo weird
Xtreme1992 Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
imo the best fitting actor was sean bean!
he did an awesome job in the lord of the rings and an even better one in ASoIaF! =)
the point with the age...
that they aged robb and jon isnt that bad because they where old enough to be called adults in ASoIaF but aging sansa just was wrong imo...
i couldnt feel as much pity for her as i felt in the books when joffrey bullied her because she was old enough to protect herself like the wildling woman do when they dont like their husbands... :P
and in the books having dreams of princes and heroes looked normal for her considering her young age but in the series she just looked spoiled to much...
just my opinion thought... ^^
i definitely agree about sean bean. I also agree with rob and jon because you are right they were basically adults.

i think that in the books sansa was so young at only 11 to be seen as a sexual being, and while in that time and age that might have been okay, in this time and age it would be completely inappropriate. It's not to say either is wrong or right it just would never have been able to air. With Sansa being 14/15 i don't think that really diminishes her dreams of finding love because after all i believe that is a universal dream. The reason that she doesn't fight against Joffrey is not because she is unable to or doesn't want to but because she is smart enough to know the dire consequences that both she and her family will endure if she displeases him. After all it is not really joffrey that she would be fighting but fully grown and trained knights that do Joffrey's bidding.

I think where the age thing really looks a bit weird is with daenerys because while her decisions and rationalizations look completely normal for a fourteen year old to make they seem very immature and silly with a seventeen year old. But again same thing with sansa they couldn't air by saying she was only fourteen.

Sorry I wrote another novel. I have a bad habit, oh well :)
Xtreme1992 Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i have that bad habit as well... :XD:
just my English is not as good as yours... :blush:

about sansa...
hmm well ok i forgot about the third book which is coming in the next season of the show... :P
imo the first 2 seasons they could use a younger actress but after her marriage they definitely need a older sansa! :XD:
or they could just skip the naked scenes with tyrion but well the producers surely know better than me what to do... =P

daenerys is even more problematic then sansa you know... ^^
she married with a young age so to make it fit the producers of the show made her older...

ahh well enough talked about the differences between book and series...
what is interesting me more is the actual story...
so if you finished reading the fifth book we can talk about theories if you like! =)
just tell me some of your theories (write as much as you want) and we can discuss them tomorrow because its late (2:45 a.m.) here in germany and i should get a little bit of sleep... :XD:
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